19. Dec 2022
Photo: Printscreen

American investors are "interested in investing in new and technologically modern energy capacities in Serbia, primarily in the field of renewable energy sources," said the US ambassador in Belgrade, Christopher Hill.

In a conversation with the Minister of Mining and Energy of Serbia, Dubravka Đedović, he said that he is convinced that cooperation in the field of energy can be significantly improved.

"When the whole world is facing an energy crisis, Serbia is determined to launch a large cycle of investments in energy infrastructure in order to ensure energy independence in the challenging years ahead. At the same time, we are very engaged in diversifying sources of gas and oil supply," said Đedović.

She reminded that work is underway on strategic documents that will define the steps to reduce the negative impacts of the energy sector on the environment.

"We are committed to improving cooperation with the USA in the energy sector and we need the experience of American companies that have already shown interest in participating in important projects in the field of renewable energy sources," said the minister, Beta reports.



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