08. Feb 2023
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Ksenia Security’s Smart Home system is a revolutionary way of protecting your home or business space, which allows, in a simple way, complex and integrated control of your space. This Smart Home system is primarily a premium alarm system integrated with IP video intercom, access control, and video surveillance cameras, which makes it extremely effective in providing security and protection to your property with the help of automatic visual verification.

Photo: Lunatronik

One of the numerous advantages of the Ksenia Security system is the possibility of remote control via your smartphone or computer. This means that you can access and manage the system from wherever you are, which is extremely useful if you are away or in case something unexpected happens, as well as for effective control of the energy efficiency of the entire facility.

Also, the system allows you to monitor events in your home or business premises in real time, through cameras and video intercoms. You can monitor what is happening in the apartment while you are at work or on a trip, which gives you an additional sense of security and peace of mind. What is especially significant and practical is that the same Touch panel is used in the apartment for the alarm, video intercom, and cameras and for all Smart Home functions.

Photo: Lunatronik

The Ksenia Security system also enables the automation of your home or business premises, which means that you can adjust the lighting (switching on and/or dimming) as well as the temperature for both heating and cooling and other systems (blinds, shutters, or awnings, the gain of electricity from solar panels, as well as electricity consumption) via an application on your smartphone or computer. This system can save you a lot of time and effort because all you have to do is set the desired parameters, and the system will adapt itself and perform the required tasks at the desired time.

Another big advantage of the Ksenia Security system is its reliability and security. The system is made in Italy from quality materials according to the highest EU standards and is regularly updated to ensure maximum safety and reliability. This system is also customizable, which means it can be set according to your specific needs and requirements. One example is a miniature wireless two-way door or window opening detector that detects both the tilt angle of the window as well as impacts in the case of forced entry or broken glass.

Photo: Lunatronik

In addition, the Ksenia Security system provides you with invaluable security. The alarm system is always on and ready to detect unwanted visitors or potential dangers. The video intercom camera at the entrance allows you to see who is at the entrance and make a decision whether to open the door or not—even from your mobile phone, whether you are at home or on the road. Access control allows you to restrict access to your space so that only selected people can enter.

In short, the Ksenia Security System is an extremely useful product that provides you with a unique combination of comfort, savings, and security. With this system, you can be sure that your space will always be under control and that you will always be notified of any unwanted events. That is why the Ksenia Security system is an excellent way to improve security and comfort in your home or business space, as well as to save energy and money.

Text and photos: Lunatronik 

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