03. Jan 2022
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Smart Steel Innovation is a new company that specializes in the automation of residential and commercial buildings, but it has a lot of engineering experience and a lot of satisfied customers behind it. Ivan Marković, the company's founder and director, explains how you can control your space – from boilers, cameras, and lighting to curtains, blinds, and heating – from anywhere on the planet thanks to an internet connection.


Smart Steel was founded in 2019 as a result of many years of experience in the fields of industrial power, automation, and process equipment. How did you come up with the idea of integrating all this?

Like all innovative ideas, my idea to start a Smart Steel company was born by chance, out of a sincere desire to make my life and the lives of my loved ones more comfortable, modern, and easier. In search of ways to make everyday life easier, I became acquainted with smart home systems and spent several years testing devices that would be most appropriate for our market in terms of quality and efficiency. The result is cooperation with Lifesmart, which is the market leader in smart home systems. From personal experience, I know that the automation of residential and commercial space saves time, money, and energy, allowing us to dedicate ourselves to important things in life. The positive impressions and feedback of a large number of our customers motivated us to continuously improve our system.

The SMART sector deals with the automation of business and residential buildings according to the latest world standards. What does this offer cover?

The offer includes innovative solutions in various spheres of residential or commercial buildings, such as control of ignition and extinguishing of heating and cooling over the phone, timers for switching on and off, saving money and energy by more than 20%. Also, you can turn on and off the lights in your building, control the blinds, and control all TV and audio devices via your mobile phone or voice command. There is also an object control with a silent alarm that warns you of movement in your object when you are not present, and you can monitor it all from any location on the planet.

The STEEL sector deals with engineering, automation, supply, production, and installation of complete equipment for the food and beverage industry. What makes this part of your portfolio and who are your clients?

In cooperation with the world's largest names in the production of process equipment for food and beverage processing, such as FEMIA Industrie and Bigtem Makine, we offer complete process lines for fruit and vegetable processing as well as individual machines. Our most frequent clients are from the domestic and foreign food industry, starting from small and medium-sized agricultural farms to large companies such as Friglo, Frikom, PIK Bečej, and others.

What are your further plans?

Currently, in cooperation with our partner, the company Lifesmart, we are working on an application that will be in the Serbian language in order to further facilitate users' access to smart systems. Also in 2022, we are introducing a great offer for hotels and large business facilities that will provide the opportunity to make the application user-friendly, with the logo and design of the application according to the client's wishes, with a software solution tailored to their needs.

Text and photo: Smart Still Innovation


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