26. Dec 2022
Photo: Pixabay

Serbia is fourth in Europe and eleventh in the world according to the GovTech index of maturity of technologies in public administration, which is established by the World Bank, said the Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia, Ana Brnabić, assessing that this is a huge success.

At a press conference in the Government of Serbia on the occasion of the presentation of the results of the GovTech index of the World Bank, which includes the modernization of the public sector through digital transformation, she pointed out that this shows a different face of our country, that we can compete with the best, to be at the top of the world, and that we still have many potentials and opportunities for the future.

The Prime Minister said that Serbia is among the world GovTech leaders and is the absolute leader in wider Southeast Europe.

She added that Serbia is third in the world in terms of digital interaction with citizens, which is the result of our use of public data portals.

"We are unique since the citizens can, for example, take a look at the entire education system there. There is also the eConsultation portal, which has been operating since March and allows everyone to participate in consultations on regulations," she said.

The Prime Minister said that this is an indicator of the success that Serbia has achieved since 2016. She expressed her belief that there is not a single citizen who does not know how digital transformation is the focus of the Government of Serbia.

"It is important that through digitization we become a true service for citizens, and this is a huge indicator that we have succeeded but also an indicator that we still need to do much more," said Brnabić adding that such successes help attract more investors and cheaper capital, as well as branding Serbia as a country good for life and investment.

According to the Prime Minister, a project has been defined with the World Bank for the creation of a GovTech center in Serbia. She believes that, according to this index, Serbia will be among the top five in the world.

She estimated that digitization is one of the Prime Minister's successes, of which she is most proud.


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