20. Dec 2022
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The Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Goran Vesić, attended the celebration of the baptism of the Yugoslav River Shipping Company, St. Nicholas, telling the employees that his plan is for the Ministry to stand behind that company more seriously and do everything to breathe new life into it.

Vesić pointed out that since the breakup of Yugoslavia, JRB has not been taken into account much and that this has only changed in the last few years, adding that it will intensify now, because the periods of the coronavirus and the Ukrainian crisis have shown how important it is that the state has its own transporter on the rivers, which can transport goods when they cannot be transported in any other way, it was stated on the Government's website.

He added that it is extremely important that JRB has survived, and it was only possible thanks to the enthusiasm of individuals.

The minister announced that next year there will be a tender for the reconstruction of three ports, and added that the state will pay more attention to the Danube and the Sava, because it is a completely unused potential. Also, as he pointed out, the state will help JRB to buy a new icebreaker, and they will work together on the acquisition of 10 new barges, in order to strengthen the fleet.

Vesić added that work will also be done on strengthening the staff, through dual education, which provides opportunities for this, repeating that the goal is for Yugoslav river shipping to be a company that will contribute significantly to the GDP and the budget of Serbia.

Yugoslav River Shipping is the largest Serbian shipping company and one of the five largest on the Danube.



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