08. Aug 2023
Photo: Studio Nacrt

Fluidity, minimalism, and multi-functionality are some of the key features of the modern open-concept living room, which has largely become the norm in interior design. The open concept calls for clean lines and transparency in space, which explains the presence of minimalism and natural tones in today's trends. Living rooms, as they are most often conceived today, are intended to achieve space maximization and multiplicity of use, whether it is about smaller or larger square footage.


Within the open-plan concept, the dominant trend for a long time has been the connection of the living room, dining room, and kitchen.

Photo: Nacrt Studio

This arrangement brings a feeling of freedom, large space, and comfort, but also a specific, dynamic energy created by the residents themselves, using this multifunctional space.

Photo: Nacrt Studio

The perfect version of the kitchen in the open space concept is the one that effortlessly integrates aesthetically into the rest of the living room while at the same time bringing its own aesthetic value, which makes the interior visually richer.


One of the undeniable trends when it comes to decorating the living room is the use of light, beige tones, and natural shades inspired by sand, stone, and wood.

Photo: Nacrt Studio

These tones look timeless and sophisticated, but they also symbolize contact with nature and bring a sense of relaxation and calmness to the space. Although it may not seem so at first, neutral tones offer countless possibilities for interesting combinations of shades and textures.

Photo: Nacrt Studio

In addition, they represent a grateful background for designer pieces and visual accents that we want to bring into the space, such as artwork, lighting, or unique pieces of furniture.


Playing with simplicity and respecting minimalism means turning unexpected aspects of the interior into art. In an environment dominated by muted colors, shapes and textures become integral when it comes to adding depth and dynamism to a room. Wall coverings play a major role in achieving this goal and are therefore becoming an increasingly popular decorating technique.

Photo: Nacrt Studio

In an atmosphere of neutral tones, specific silhouettes are what our eyes become focused on. As well as bringing a sense of dynamism, the curved walls of an open-plan living room help to visually connect different areas of the space, making it more cohesive and adding a sense of energy flow. In addition to coverings made of veneered and colored MDF, stone and rock textures are becoming more popular and in demand.

Photo: Nacrt Studio

The striking stone-effect wall piece radiates a sense of grandeur and modern design combined with an organic aesthetic. The play with textures encourages tactile perception and inspires the viewer. Such "stone" wall coverings introduce a raw, unpolished element into an otherwise clean and simple look. Suddenly, something known as basic, like the walls and ceiling, becomes an unexpected accent to the room, adding dimension and a sense of flow and movement within the place.


When it comes to furniture, rounded forms dominate, with lower seating and greater depth, which also achieves greater comfort. The materials that have been popular for the last year are the so-called "sheep" materials with a stronger texture.

Photo: Nacrt Studio

Clean lines, simple silhouettes, and low seating contribute to the feeling of openness and uncluttered space, which is necessary in the concept of an open layout.

Photo: Nacrt Studio

Another item that is becoming the norm is furniture modularity. Modular and sectional sofas have gained considerable popularity due to their adaptability to space and the possibility of creating new shapes in accordance with changing needs and aesthetic moods, which is a feature of the modern era.


A very important factor in decorating the interior of the living room is lighting. Recessed magnetic lighting tracks have become extremely popular. It is a type of lighting that can be combined with different styles and meets all lighting needs.

Photo: Nacrt Studio

In order to achieve a pleasant ambience in the space and to play with the effect of light on the interior, table and floor lamps or LED lighting are used as part of the wall covering, ceiling, or furniture.

Photo: Nacrt Studio

The look that is popular, both in furniture and in lighting, is exact rounded forms, as well as concrete and stone imitations.


The last, but not the least, popular item when decorating the living room is the fireplace.

Photo: Nacrt Studio

The fireplace continues to be a sought-after element in today's modern interiors.

Photo: Nacrt Studio

The use of fireplaces has evolved to match modern design and lifestyle needs, so their design follows the philosophy of minimalism and an organic look in space.

Text and photos: Nacrt Studio

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