31. Dec 2021

The year behind us is the second in a row marked by life in the circumstances of a pandemic, which inevitably reflected on the interior design. There is a growing need for a living space that is multifunctional and practical because it is shared by more people, as well as for arranging work space in a home, the so-called home offices. The longer stay in the house has influenced us to mute the bright colors in the interior and to opt more for neutral colors of natural shades that soothe. According to architects and designers, these so-called micro-trends, imposed by the pandemic, will continue in 2022, as well as some other trends that have dominated the last few seasons. We present some of them.


A detail reminiscent of the 70s, such as a lamp, a coffee table, an armchair or a touch of bright orange or moss green, is enough so that the whole space is refreshed. The trend of returning to the 70s has been present in the interior design for several years and has been so well accepted that it will surely dominate during 2022 as well.


This is a global trend that has been going on for years and will definitely be in focus the next year as well, in large part, because of the lifestyle during the pandemic when many surplus dysfunctional items were simply thrown out of the house. Minimalism implies minimal decoration and functional furniture in order to have as much free space in the apartment as possible. In minimalism, the most important thing is the form and careful selection of modern pieces of furniture with an interesting shape.


Soft and feminine shapes have been an absolute hit in the interior design for some time, and that means rounded lines and edges of literally everything – sofas, armchairs, chairs, tables, lamps, mirrors, decorative details such as vases, candlesticks... Soft lines often follow the architectural solutions of the space.


Next year, for well-known reasons, we will want to be surrounded by natural materials and textures in our home. Nature will be the inspiration for interior decoration, pieces of furniture and decoration. The most popular natural materials will be onyx, granite, marble and light-colored wood. An interesting detail can be a table or counter with a stone top of light shades.


Neutral colors of natural shades dominated this year because they relaxed us the most. This primarily refers to basic colors, such as black, white and gray, but also their muted tones. This trend, which is joined by beige as a base, in both cool and warm shades, will continue in 2022. In addition to these classic tones, it is predicted that the whole palette of blue will be very popular, especially the dusty mixture of blue and green with gray notes.


Velvet will bring a touch of luxury into a sophisticated space of minimalist design, but also a dose of warmth that is a great contrast to cold details, such as, for example, metal. The softness and sophistication of the velvet can perfectly complement the ambience in a bedroom or living room.

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