07. Sep 2022

In the wine shop Wine & Pleasure in Belgrade, a tasting of the famous French cognac Meukow was held, which was presented to the selected guests by Philip Kost, the president of Compagnie de Guyenne and his successor Antoine Kost.

On this occasion, the basic cognac Meukow VS, then the best-selling Meukow VSOP, both XO cognacs – Classic and Grande Champagne, and then Meukow Icone were tasted. Two natural liqueurs were also presented, with vanilla and coffee.

Natural liqueur with vanilla is obtained by aging vanilla sticks and flowers in cognac for two years. Vanilla cognac has a little less alcohol than classic cognac (about 30%). The second is coffee liqueur, which is obtained from coffee that is roasted by the Meukow company and ground into a very fine powder using a special machine. Ground in this way, the coffee is placed in barrels of 225 liters and then aged in cognac for two years. The result is a natural taste of cognac with coffee and a liqueur that has about twenty percent alcohol.

The story of Meukow cognac began with the Russian emperor Alexander II. In 1852, he sent the brothers Auguste-Christophe and Gustave Meukow with the task of ensuring the supply of French cognac to the Russian court. They decide to found a company for the production of this drink in the city of Cognac in 1862. The company came into the possession of the Kost family in 1979, when the father of the current owner, Filip, took over the company, keeping the recognizable name of the house.

Today, the company is one of the most famous names in the world of this elegant drink, and its cognac has been declared the best on the planet in Finland, writes

Cognac is consumed in a small, larger glass at a temperature of 37 degrees, because that's when it develops its aroma and taste. It was drunk after a meal for a long time, and nowadays more often as an aperitif. If we talk about trends, the absolute hit is a drink made from 0.3 dl cognac VS and 1 dl tonic, with ice. This mixed drink is especially popular at golf tournaments.



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