07. Jan 2023
Photo: Stefan Johnson / Unsplash

If you want to eat while traveling in Europe, Belgrade should be on your radar because chefs in the Serbian capital are reinterpreting Balkan food and wine for fine-dining enthusiasts, the Washington Post recommends in a recent article.

The American newspaper, whose journalist spoke with several famous Belgrade chefs, gave a list of restaurants that tourists should visit when visiting the Serbian capital. The list includes restaurants such as Tisa, Iva, Homa, JaM, Enso, Salon 1905, and The Square.

The American newspaper praised Serbian chefs, about whom they write that they create modern culinary works inspired by traditional ones, as well as encouraging the creation of a new Balkan culinary scene that is in contrast to traditional Serbian taverns, reports

The text states that Belgrade was devastated and rebuilt more than 40 times and that many things in Serbia changed over time, but some things endured: the fertile fields, generous vineyards, mountainous farmland, and fragrant forests of this once-republic of the former Yugoslavia.

They estimate that for dining-obsessed travelers, it's the right time to visit the Serbian capital, given the favorable exchange rate of the Serbian dinar against the US dollar.

As they state, last year the prestigious French restaurant guide Gault & Millau published the first guide through Serbia and declared the founder and curator of the New Balkan Cuisine concept, Vanja Puškar, the chef of the year in Serbia.

The Washington Post reports that, at the end of 2021, Michelin presented its first guide to restaurants in Belgrade, and that, although Belgrade was not awarded any stars, 14 restaurants in the capital were marked as "recommended" and that, at the beginning of December last year, three more were added to that list.


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