26. May 2023
Photo: AFI Europe Serbia

The business world is still ruled by millennials, the generation born between 1981 and 1996, but we are increasingly hearing about Generation Z and their ambitions, preferences, and demands. Although they were born between the mid-1990s and 2010s and will only dominate markets in a few years, their voice is increasingly heard and, in many ways, shapes trends, lifestyles, and business itself. It could be said that the business world wants to be ready to welcome them. But what is most important to keep the majority of Millennials and future Gen Z employees happy, successful, and productive?

Numerous studies have been conducted on the opinions and views of Generation Z on the world and work. One such study was conducted by Gallup, the world authority on public opinion research, and it touched on Zoomers expectations from employers. It can be said that they have high standards, that they change the rules of the game a lot, and that they are mainly oriented towards the IT industry, in which the whole world sees a bright future. The requirements for company leaders and superiors to have high ethical standards, to be open and transparent, but also to support inclusion and respect diversity, stand out the most. In addition, the attitude of the new generation that the employer takes care of their well-being and that they can achieve a favorable "life-work balance" is clearly distinguished. Such requirements are mostly associated with the work environment and the place where the company is located because they are aware that they spend most of their time during the day right there, at work.

The largest companies in the world have become more attuned to the hopes of the younger generation, and as a result, you can read more frequently in the news about business moves to locations that better meet the expectations of the younger generation. What is the situation in Belgrade, a city where the majority of activity takes place in the center? Where do younger Millennials and Zoomers want to work in our capital city?

Opinions are still divided, but one thing is certain: the city center is no longer necessarily the center of events, at least not of business ones. There is a noticeable trend of moving businesses to locations that are easy to reach, in whatever part of the city they are located, that have secured parking for every employee, that are well connected to important points such as the highway, airport, railway, and bus lines, that are fully in accordance with eco standards, and, as a particularly valued bonus, that are surrounded by greenery and parks. Do such business parks exist in Belgrade? We know about New Belgrade and Airport City, but do they exist in other parts of the city?

AFI City Zmaj / Photo: Miodrag Trajković

Due in large part to investors who have the capacity to adequately bring global trends to Serbia and adapt them to the needs of local companies, our capital city offers a variety of real estate options. AFI Europe Serbia is one of the most reputable investors, and it has been putting Belgrade on the map for the interests of major corporations from all over the world for almost 20 years through its real estate projects. Following Airport City, Skyline Tower, and Business Garden, which each introduced a novelty to the market in their respective fields, AFI Europe Serbia is pushing the boundaries once more with the opening of AFI City Zmaj, a new concept of an urban and contemporary business park.

The first two buildings of the AFI City Zmaj Business Park, built to the highest construction standards, are rising on the site of the former Zmaj factory in Zemun, right next to the highway, 9 km from the city center, and 10.5 km from the airport. This business park, whose first phase has just been finished, has about 27,000 m2 of office space, equipped and designed to meet all the challenges of modern business, and will undoubtedly become the top choice for the future workplace of younger millennials and Zoomers.

AFI City Zmaj / Photo: Miodrag Trajković

Finding a place to park is no longer a daily struggle thanks to the more than 400 spaces available, which are easily accessible by turning off the highway. If you have an electric vehicle, you can charge it while it is parked at one of the installed chargers.

More than 400 parking spaces are available at AFI City Zmaj / Photo: AFI Europe Serbia

To get to the entrance of the building, you will walk along a green boulevard decorated with a preserved row of sycamore trees from before the Second World War. You can spend the first break playing outdoor chess with colleagues, exercising in the outdoor gym, in the creative corner, or simply enjoying the greenery that surrounds you while sitting on modern benches with solar phone chargers. It sounds like a working day in which no business task is too difficult and no problem is unsolvable; you can always take a quality break.

Through a concept primarily focused on quality, increasing productivity, and the growth of the companies operating within it, AFI City Zmaj Business Park will bring another global trend of modern business to our capital city.

Text and photos: AFI City Zmaj




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