27. Mar 2023
Photo: IMEL Group

K3, the first completed building of the future Green Escape business complex, is the latest jewel in the portfolio of the IMEL Group, which has been synonymous with top-quality construction and the development of modern New Belgrade for the past five decades.

Already renowned as New Belgrade's new business oasis, Green Escape is designed to be a state-of-the-art business complex and an ideal place for quiet and productive work in a green environment on the edge of the urban zone. The complex is located in Block 51 in New Belgrade, next to the E75 highway and in the immediate vicinity of the Nikola Tesla Airport, and is well connected by transport links to the city center, which is only 5.5 km away.

K3 was designed by studio team / Photo: IMEL

Already open for tenants, K3 represents a unique symbiosis of modern architecture and nature, providing comfort and functionality through a perfect combination of quality and carefully thought-out design. Top-quality construction, advanced technical systems, predominantly glass surfaces on the facade, and windows that open in all offices, as well as carefully designed additional facilities that will provide tenants with numerous benefits, were imperatives during the design phase.

The building has up-to-date technical systems, especially when it comes to the ventilation and airing systems of the building, which provide a healthy working environment. Tenant companies have the option of organizing the work space in accordance with their needs and business development thanks to the flexible space organization option that ranges in square footage from 505 m2 to 1,580 m2 on five floors, with a total area of 14,000 m2.

Photo: IMEL

Green spaces and fountains will enable staff to take a break from work and enjoy the outdoors, while the spectacular entrance portal and lobby with a double-floor height provide a notable effect.

The entire Green Escape project is intended to become a synonym for a modern, contemporary, technologically advanced, but also healthy, rational, and sustainable work environment tailored to modern man. Its design and construction represent a step towards the future in the development of the business environment in the Belgrade real estate market.

An urban organic concept of the whole complex is reflected in the combination of greenery and natural organic materials, on the one hand, as well as the recognizable urban atmosphere of the Soho style, interpreted through the organization, form, and materialization of open spaces and the facilities themselves that form the district.

Photo: IMEL

All three buildings in this complex are designed as modern, technologically advanced, and functional office premises that, within their capacities, can quite flexibly accommodate various program contents within the framework of commercial activities and meet all the specific requirements of future clients. In this way, the client gets a technologically advanced, tailor-made space.

Photo: IMEL

The entire complex is being developed as a new city business district, which offers many benefits and additional values compared to the standard offer of office space in Belgrade. A wide range of additional content includes hotel facilities, business apartments, conference rooms, offices for rent, a spa center with a swimming pool and all the accompanying facilities, sports facilities and fields, running tracks, babysitting services, shops and services, and more. The very ambiance and surroundings of the business district represent a new city corner with a landscaped square, decorative greenery, water surfaces, fountains, and lots of open and closed space for sitting, relaxing, and informal business.

After the K3 building was completed last year, IMEL Group is planning to develop the multifunctional K2 building in 2023, which will include a four-star hotel, additional retail and catering spaces, and additional office space for rent. Parallel negotiations for the custom construction of an office building on Plot K1 are ongoing with a reputable international company.


Mirko Urošević, owner and CEO / Photo: Goran Zlatković

Since the very beginning of our business in the early 80s, the New Belgrade market has given us the chance to raise the standard through the planning and development of commercial and residential buildings. As a result, we left behind a number of reference buildings that are still significant landmarks in this part of the capital. The Green Escape complex represents the crown of development and the flagship of our rental portfolio. We anticipate that the trend of improving the business climate for investors will continue in our market and that Belgrade will get more projects of this quality.

As a company with long and prolific building expertise, we believe that it is necessary to maintain tradition and reputation as much as it is necessary to constantly seek out fresh information and adopt new trends. That is why we are proud of the fact that our name has been used as a synonym for quality construction for five decades. We respect our environment and especially our competition. Every new project, theirs or ours, we see as an opportunity to upgrade our knowledge and improve our construction standards.


Photo: IMEL

IMEL Group was founded in 1981 as a mixed joint stock company. The company's operations involve engineering, design, planning, and construction of facilities for both the market and renowned investors or clients. As a developer, the company is constantly working on the research and development of new locations.

In addition to their well-known engagement in the construction of New Belgrade, IMEL professionals have worked on projects in Sweden, Russia, Turkmenistan, and Kazakhstan. Today, IMEL Group is a modern company that successfully continues its development in accordance with market requirements. The company is synonymous with quality, following and applying modern technological solutions in all activities in order to achieve the highest standards of products and services as well as the satisfaction of its clients.

IMEL Properties was founded in 2010 as a property management company handling full spectrum of services for our own as well as properties built for our clients.

By: Jovana Nikolić

Photo: IMEL Group

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