18. May 2023
Photo: LUX 51

Bežanijska Kosa has always been considered a prestigious Belgrade neighborhood; it is well connected to the city center yet far enough from the city bustle to ensure a peaceful life in the clean air. LUX 51 is a new address that pushes the limits of comfort, luxury, and a carefree lifestyle in this exclusive setting.

Photo: LUX 51

Just seven kilometers from the city center, ten minutes from the airport, one minute from the highway, close to New Belgrade and SC "11. April", near large shopping chains, schools, and kindergartens, the new residential and commercial complex offers everything you dreamed of when you imagined your ideal home: superbly equipped apartments, spacious green spaces between buildings bathed in the sun, ideal for rest and children's play, always a free parking space, a favorite cafe or restaurant in the area, as well as the possibility to do everything you need for everyday life within the complex. In short, if quality of life is imperative for you, LUX 51 will meet all your needs.

Photo: LUX 51


The new concept of modern, humane housing was carefully thought out and applied to the smallest detail when designing the complex of 65,000 square meters. Within the complex, there are 280 residential units, ranging in size from 32 m2 to 220 m2, whose structures range from studios to five-room apartments.

Photo: LUX 51

What is common to all apartments and what makes the entire complex extremely attractive is the location of the settlement in the east-west direction, as well as the architectural solution of the facades, which ensures a large amount of daylight in all residential units.

Photo: LUX 51

In order to allow even more sunlight inside the complex itself and enough fresh air in the green environment, a 30-meter distance between rows of buildings is planned. The end result of such a meticulously thought-out project is a sense of maximum comfort and intimacy that the tenants will enjoy throughout the entire complex, which is an invaluable quality that few condominiums today can offer in urban settings.


Another advantage of the LUX 51 complex, which will make your everyday life easier, is that you won't have to think about parking, which is the biggest problem in all neighborhoods today. Here, you won't get into a situation where you can't find a place to park when you get home from work. Inside the complex, as many as 500 parking spaces are provided on three underground levels, which will be available to tenants and their guests, as well as to users of business space, which is also designed as part of the complex.


Thinking about all aspects of a comfortable life tailored to the needs of the modern man and, above all, the family, the investor and designers have carefully designed additional ammenities within the settlement in order to enable future residents to meet all their daily needs in one place in the immediate surroundings. In addition to spacious and landscaped green areas with content for children and a 600-square-meter kindergarten, inside the complex there will also be restaurants, cafes, shops, and service shops, enabling tenants to meet all their needs while also relaxing and enjoying their free time.


LUX 51 is not only designed for comfortable living but also provides ideal opportunities for modern business. In addition to the residential part, the complex includes 5,500 m2 of business space, i.e., 48 multifunctional premises, which can be used as office space or as catering, retail, and service facilities. Considering the transit position of the complex, the proximity of the highway and the airport, and the excellent connection to all important city points, LUX 51 is the perfect choice for any type of business. A modernly equipped commercial space with enough parking spaces will provide future users with all the conveniences in accordance with high business standards and, above all, the opportunity to do business in a quiet and exclusive area with an inspiring and green environment.


A perfect balance of greenery, clean air, and sunshine within a carefully designed complex will certainly provide you with a precious feeling of intimacy, freedom, and comfort, but these are not the only advantages of living in this new prestigious settlement in Bežanijska Kosa.

Photo: LUX 51

The use of up-to-date premium materials in the construction of the LUX 51 complex, as well as the fact that the construction was entrusted to the renowned company W.D. Concord West, which constructed more than a million square meters in a number of residential and commercial projects, give you an added sense of security and, most importantly, the comfort of your own home.

Photo: LUX 51

Given the great importance of energy efficiency as one of the basic prerequisites of modern construction, this aspect was not left to chance in the design and construction of the residential-commercial complex LUX 51. Quality materials, first-class joinery, and maximum insulation of the interior will enable a high degree of protection of your home from external influences and, above all, rational energy consumption, which will significantly affect the reduction of housing costs.


The construction of the residential and commercial complex LUX 51 has begun in earnest, and work is progressing according to plan for both phases of the project. The expected deadline for the completion of all work and moving into the entire complex is the end of 2024. You can follow the progress of the works on social networks, and you can find out more details about the complex itself, apartments, and business premises by visiting the LUX 51 showroom in Bežanijska Kosa.


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By: Jovana Nikolić

Photo: LUX 51


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