07. Jun 2023
Photo: LUX 51

The residential and commercial complex LUX 51 is springing up in a prime location in Bežanijska Kosa, offering a new concept of human housing in an urban environment, completely tailored to the requirements of a modern lifestyle.

Photo: LUX 51

The construction of the complex of 65,000 square meters, which includes three building clusters, A, B and C, with 280 residential units, 48 multifunctional premises, and as many as 500 parking spaces on three underground levels, has begun in earnest, and work is progressing according to plan and foreseen dynamics, as we can see on the construction site. Three cranes are operational on the construction site, and two more are planned to be installed. 

Photo: LUX 51

The construction of LUX 51 complex was entrusted to the renowned company W.D. Concord West, which constructed more than a million square meters in a number of residential and commercial projects.

Photo: LUX 51

The cluster A is at elevation 0, and the completion of works at elevation 0 is planned for September of this year. The expected deadline for the completion of all work and moving into the entire complex is the end of 2024.

Photo: LUX 51

Lux 51 is being built in an ideal location for a comfortable life in a quiet and prestigious city area, just seven kilometers from the city center, ten minutes from the airport, one minute from the highway, close to New Belgrade and SC "11. April", near large shopping chains, schools, and kindergartens.

Photo: LUX 51

The new residential and commercial complex offers everything you dreamed of when you imagined your ideal home: superbly equipped apartments, spacious green spaces between buildings bathed in the sun, ideal for rest and children's play, always a free parking space, a favorite cafe or restaurant in the area, as well as the possibility to do everything you need for everyday life within the complex.

Photo: LUX 51

In the construction of the LUX 51 complex, the most advanced architectural solutions and the most modern materials of premium quality are used, which will ensure a high level of energy efficiency for the entire settlement and maximum comfort for future tenants. High-quality construction, top-notch carpentry, and maximum interior insulation will enable a high degree of protection for homes and commercial space from outside factors as well as rational energy consumption, which will significantly lower costs.

LUX 51 showroom

You can follow the progress of the works on social networks.

You can find out more details about the complex itself, apartments, and business premises by visiting the LUX 51 showroom in Bežanijska Kosa.


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