27. May 2023
Photo: Portonovi

The prestigious Portonovi settlement was started a few years ago as an ambitious project on the territory of the former Kumbor military base, and today it represents one of the most elite addresses in the entire region. The resort does not live only during the summer months; during all seasons, different cultures, styles, traditions, round-the-clock entertainment, and cultural programs pulsate.

Photo: Portonovi

A diverse offer and event-rich program entice guests to visit Portonovi and gain a unique experience in every season. This luxury resort hosts numerous attractive events, and visitors can always have an experience unlike any previous, complete with accommodation, restaurants with a variety of dishes, modern art, entertainment, and a cultural scene. All this is more reason to choose Portonovi, one of the most desirable Montenegrin destinations, for one of your upcoming trips.

Photo: Portonovi

Located less than an hour's drive from the international airports in Tivat and Dubrovnik, Portonovi stretches over almost two kilometers of coastal area and is already widely recognized as an ideal destination for long weekends, but also for living on the Adriatic coast, making it an excellent opportunity to buy or rent a home. A private heliport, the possibility of landing in a modern marina with 238 berths, and a private garage space are just some of the advantages of this settlement, providing additional comfort and security. In addition to numerous parks and magical gardens, Portonovi offers a rich culinary and bar scene with a wide range of local and Mediterranean flavors.

Photo: Portonovi

Modern design and traditional architectural heritage

When creating this luxurious oasis, special attention was paid to the planning of even the smallest details. That is why it is not surprising that the design of all the residences, which vary from one-room apartments to luxurious villas, was carried out by world-renowned architects. Their inspiration was not only the sapphire water of the Bay of Kotor but also the emerald valleys that surround it. Also, they managed to combine the modern construction approach with the traditional architectural heritage of Herceg Novi and, in this way, created a real estate offer that focuses on an absolute commitment to pleasure and an experience that will remain deeply etched in the memory of every guest. Each residential unit has its own identity, but all share the essence of Portonovi: peace, refinement, and supreme elegance.

Sky villas

The spacious penthouse apartments are located on the coast, in the very heart of the complex, and represent the epitome of refined life on the Riviera. Each is a unique work of architectural art that exudes the highest level of design, elegance, and comfort. The interior is a real mix of warm and contemporary design, full of open space ideal for socializing. They include private terraces that offer an unobstructed view of the Bay of Kotor, as well as infinity pools.

Photo: Portonovi

Marina apartments

The most exclusive address in Portonovi is reserved for Marina apartments, located right next to the coast with direct access to the marina. Positioned in the very center of gastronomy and social life, their perfect location ensures enjoyment of everything that makes this neighborhood special, with top restaurants, cafes, bars, and shops just a step away.

Photo: Portonovi

Residences in the settlement

A stunning fusion of Mediterranean, Venetian, and Montenegrin influences has produced a setting with an abundance of greenery and flowers, in which some of the settlement's most beautiful residences are located, just a short distance from the sea. They range from studio apartments to detached villas, but what they all share is plenty of indoor and outdoor space for entertaining, socializing, and relaxing.

A community that lives 365 days a year

Portonovi is much more than a simple luxury resort; in terms of architecture and hospitality, there is no place like it in this part of the world. It is a living community, and throughout the year, people from all over the world gather in it to enjoy a life full of adventures.

Photo: Portonovi

Every millimeter of the Riviera exudes an incredible bohemian spirit, and numerous restaurants and cafes have positioned it as the epicenter of fun and good times. For all lovers of recreation and body care, top gyms, fitness centers, tennis courts, and outdoor pools are available, as is the Chenot Espace Wellness Center within the One & Only hotel, with expert staff who will provide you with luxurious spa treatments. Also, there is the Pizana Gallery, which regularly organizes cultural and artistic events, exhibitions, and performances, as well as various boutiques and studios of local and world-famous designers.

An indispensable part with special charm is certainly the private beach with white sand, as well as the magical, fragrant gardens, where both your body and soul will find rest. All this is more than enough to make Portonovi a favorite escape location, regardless of what time period or where you come from.

For more information about upcoming events at the resort, email events@portonovi.com.

Get information about accommodation reservations at stay@portonovi.com.

For more information about residences, write to inquiries@portonovi.com.

By: Jovana Nikolić

Photo: Portonovi

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