22. May 2023
Photo: Urbanistički centar doo Beograd

The construction of the "Belgrade Center" station building in Prokop will be completed by October 20, when its ceremonial opening is also planned, Ivan Vujičić, director of PFB, the main contractor, confirmed for Politika.

"In the next two months, the installation of the steel structure and roofing will be completed, the installation of the facade structure and 85 percent of the facade glass will be completed, and the installation of the brisolei, that is, the external solar and thermal protection system, will begin. The canopies will be completely completed, and the other parts to a lesser extent, in accordance with the dynamic plan. And the layers of flat roofs, insulating works, and flat layers of the floor will be completely finished by then", says Vujičić, noting that the plan is to finish the ceramic works, the technical block of the building, traffic roads, and parking lots in the next two months.

Photo: Urbanistički centar doo Beograd

At the end of that period, the finishing works on the facade coverings and flashings, the work on the internal aluminumwork, and the locksmith work begin. The elevators and conveyors have arrived, and the plan is to have about 70 percent of the installation work completed in the next two months. By the end of July, the arrangement of the ground floor on both sides of the building will be half finished, adds Vujičić.

The "Belgrade Center" station complex was once designed as a single entity, but it is no longer so since both the user and owner separations of the buildings occurred at elevations 85 (underground, platform part) and 105 (the slab on which it is being built). In the future, Serbian Railways will manage only the station building, while the other 12 buildings will be five-story office buildings. Their investor is the Railway City Company, the state's partner in this business.

Photo: Urbanistički centar doo Beograd

According to the project, the station building will have about 6,200 square meters, and there will be commercial space, offices, counter service, a waiting room, etc. Around this building, on the left and right sides, four buildings of five floors each will be built, which will be functionally separated. Parking lots will be arranged on the edges of the slab on all sides, as well as a new garage on the part of the slab towards Senjak. The four buildings that are being built next to the station building will be completed in about a year and a half, and the other eight later.

The value of the construction of the station building, according to current estimates, is 17 million euros.

At the time of assuming the role of the central station, "Prokop" had the largest part of the platform and tracks under the slab, several counters, and access connections from the direction of Bulevar Kneza Aleksandra Karadjordjevića. Everything else that he lacked then is mostly still missing today. In the meantime, only the elevators were installed that connected the above-ground and underground parts of the station, and finally, despite delays, the slab was completely built. At this station, the first two tracks are still not arranged, and there are no access connections from the direction of the highway, even though the state included them in priority capital projects more than two years ago. Prokop also lacks a better connection with public city transport.


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