22. Feb 2023
Photo: ALUMIL (Na slici: Olivera Veljanovska)

The ALUMIL company, a leader in the aluminum systems industry, has been operating according to the circular economy model and has been developing environmentally friendly products and systems for years. No less important in the business of this company is social responsibility, which is woven into their business strategy, mission, and corporate values. We spoke to Olivera Veljanovska, PR & Event Specialist at ALUMIL, about ALUMIL's green culture and green ambassadors, caring for employees, as well as overall social well-being.

ALUMIL is a leading European company in the aluminum industry, but what sets it apart is the high level of social responsibility that is evident in all company activities. How important is social responsibility to your company, and how do you implement it?

ALUMIL is a global company that implements social responsibility in all branches around the world. CSR is extremely important for ALUMIL, and that is why it is woven into our business strategy, mission, and company values, and most employees try to act in accordance with it. We implement social responsibility through four pillars, which include caring for the environment, employees, society, and the market.

In addition to the fact that our production operates according to the circular economy model and that we develop environmentally friendly products and systems, we implement other strategically defined activities through defined pillars in order to create a healthier, more sustainable, and greener environment for us and future generations.

Our goal is to spread green culture through CSR education and participation in socially responsible initiatives, as well as to encourage others to participate in socially responsible actions in order to make the world a better place for all of us to live. 

Caring for planet Earth and protecting nature is a particularly important component of your corporate green agenda. How do you carry out activities that involve taking care of the planet Earth?

We are witnessing different challenges in the world, but what affects us all is the environmental crisis. Climate change, water pollution, and air pollution directly affect the human, animal, and plant life of planet Earth, which is our only home. That is why it is important to become aware of these crucial issues that we are facing, to take responsibility for the resulting situation, and to react in order to jointly create a sustainable and healthier environment.

ALUMIL carries out its green activities through a team of Green Ambassadors, made up of our company's employees. On a voluntary basis, they participate together in the realization of the mission, which includes the preservation of the planet Earth, the protection of the environment, and the spreading of awareness about sustainable development.

One of the green activities we carried out in October 2022 was the planting of 60 seedlings in the school and kindergarten in Nova Pazova. With the implemented initiative, we contributed to the creation of a greener environment for our little ones in those institutions.

Also, our plan is to contribute to the creation of a better quality and safer "home" through actions of reforestation and cleaning of the region, where necessary, as well as through recycling.

Having skilled and satisfied employees is a fundamental requirement for a company to succeed in its business. What does caring for employees mean for you and what activities do you implement to keep them healthy, safe and to advance in their careers?

ALUMIL's business is outstanding thanks to its employees. They are the strength of the company and that is why we continuously improve the knowledge and skills of our employees and provide them with a safe, secure and friendly working environment. We give priority to the health and safety of our employees, and we implement this through activities that are in accordance with international standards.

As a company that respects diversity and fosters equality, we shape a work environment where employees are selected regardless of gender, taking into account their values and skills they can offer the company. By organizing professional trainings and seminars for our employees, we develop their skills, but we also educate them about sustainable development, which is a crucial direction of the ALUMIL's business.

We place a special emphasis on the psycho-physical health of employees, which is crucial for an easier daily life. For this reason, we participate in sports activities and realize educations and seminars aimed at physical and mental empowerment of employees.

In addition, every year we organize joint get-togethers in order to strengthen team spirit, strengthen team affiliation and create fellowship among colleagues.

How do you contribute to social well-being and better living conditions of your fellow citizens?

For ALUMIL, success is not just about manufacturing excellence. A key element for the wider progress of the company is its contribution to social well-being, which is the basis of our activities, all with the aim of improving people's quality of life.

Through the set strategy of corporate social responsibility, we implement initiatives that lead to the creation of a healthier social environment and help all groups and organizations that need support. We also support initiatives that promote knowledge, innovation and general human development.

By: Petar Dobrosavljević



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