26. Dec 2022
Photo: AFI Europe Serbia

AFI Europe Serbia, one of the most reputable investors in the Belgrade and regional real estate markets, presented awards to the winners of the first competition, the AFI Europe Serbia Business Challenge 2022 powered by Business Case Association Southeast Europe, on Tuesday, December 20, at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade. The competition for students of economics and management faculties was organized in cooperation with the largest association of consulting professionals, industrial experts, and students in Southeast Europe, the Business Case Association Southeast Europe.

Adir El Al, Executive Director, AFI Europe Serbia

Out of 73 participants, organized into 18 teams, the expert jury selected three winners, who received cash prizes in the amounts of 3,000, 2,000, and 1,000 euros from the company AFI Europe Serbia.

"AFI Europe Serbia is building the future, not only through state-of-the-art projects in the real estate industry, but also by investing in young, talented people who have the potential to do much more together with us. With these awards, we wanted to stimulate future experts in the field of market positioning and image building to think outside the conventional framework about AFI Europe Serbia. We wanted them to show us how they see the link between our premium projects and the future users of our spaces, because we believe that only in such a synergy can we always be in focus, attractive, and a leader on the market," said the executive director of AFI Europe Serbia Adir El Al, adding that he was pleasantly surprised by the level of creativity and professionalism shown by the young students.

The task of the student teams was to present their vision of the marketing strategy for AFI Europe Serbia in the next three years and how to make AFI top of mind when you think of real estate.

Three winnig teams were awarded

At the final presentations, the jury consisted of representatives of the Business Case Association Southeast Europe community: Nemanja Jevtović, managing and founding partner and Rastko Damnjanović, founding partner, AFI company representative, Adir El Al, executive director of AFI Europe Serbia, Nikola Nedeljković, sales and marketing manager and Danijela Babić. In front of the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, among the guests at the event was Prof. Dr. Vesna Damnjanović, full professor and head of the Center for Business Case Studies of the FON.

"In front of the entire association of consulting professionals, industry experts, and students in Southeast Europe, the Business Case Association Southeast Europe, I would like to thank AFI Europe Serbia for recognizing our long-term work and successes in the category of studying and using the case study method, which was used in this competition. We are very proud of the response we had from as many as five different faculties. The competition was for the first time open to the entire University, and there were over 70 registered participants. Our community is very proud that we managed to achieve this kind of cooperation and that a globally recognized and developed company saw the value in what we do, i.e. in creating leaders for tomorrow's labor market," said Aleksandra Krstajić, member of the Business Case Association Southeast Europe Board of Directors.

First place was won by the team from the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade, which consisted of Milena Ristić, Katarina Živković, Ivan Todorović and Luka Basta. The second place was taken by the team consisting of Miloš Mihajlija, Isidora Marković, Milica Djerić and Marijana Slovaković from the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, and the third place went to the team from the same faculty, which included Dragan Stojanović, Nikola Radojević, Lazar Jovanović and Milica Jovanović.

During the project, from December 9 to 20, the participants had the opportunity to attend educational workshops and thus acquire special knowledge and skills for solving the given problem and applying the case methodology. The Case Study Club, which has been under the auspices of the Business Case Association Southeast Europe since this year, is known for the successes of its members at local, regional, and international competitions in solving business case studies. Through the open project AFI Europe Serbia Business Challenge 2022, students of all faculties have the opportunity to try their hand at this discipline.

The company AFI Europe Serbia has been present on the local market since 2005, and thanks to successfully established projects, such as the first business park Airport City Belgrade, Business Garden, Skyline AFI Tower, and the project under construction AFI City Zmaj, the name AFI Europe Serbia provides investors with security and is a synonym for quality, responsibility, and commitment.

This is evidenced by the two prestigious awards that AFI Europe Serbia won at the recent CRE Awards held in Budapest and organized by Europaproperty. The company was declared investor of the year for the successful strategy of investment and development of all projects in Belgrade, and especially for the Skyline AFI Home project in the "Future Project of the Year" category, thanks to the concept of this new product on the market.

Text and photos: AFI Europe Serbia

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