13. Feb 2023
Photo: Xella Srbija (Na slici: Stevan Đukić, Country Sales Manager)

Green, sustainable, and energy-efficient buildings, which are our only solution to respond to climate change, cannot be built without green building materials and products. On the local market, such innovative construction systems have been offered for many years by Xella, whose mission is to contribute to the transformation of the construction industry in the direction of sustainable building with its products, which can be fully recycled and can even absorb CO2. Stevan Djukić, Country Sales Manager at Xella Serbia, speaks with us about the benefits of ecological Xella products and systems, their use in modern construction, and social responsibility.

As the largest producer of aerated concrete and calcium silicate blocks, Xella is also a leader in the development of innovative and sustainable construction systems. How do your systems contribute to the decarbonization of the construction sector, and where can they be applied?

Xella has been present on the Serbian market for more than 17 years. It is part of the international Xella Group, a company with a long tradition that represents the world leader in the construction industry.

We are aware of the fact that the construction industry is responsible for almost 40% of global CO2 emissions. Our mission is to change that and transform the image of the building materials industry in Serbia. With our energy-efficient solutions and production processes that save resources and reduce CO2, we want to show an example of good practice as well as our commitment to the fight against climate change.

We are proud of the exceptional qualities of our products, which are fully recyclable and even absorb CO2. Our materials are based on natural mineral raw materials that are non-combustible, resistant to weather conditions, strong, and durable. They represent an ideal solution for the construction of energy-efficient buildings, according to the highest standards of modern and sustainable construction.

Which sustainable systems and products in your portfolio would you single out as the most advanced, and what are their advantages?

At Xella, we consider sustainability an essential part of our corporate strategy and the way we see the future. In line with our vision, Xella products are made from energy-efficient and natural materials.

With its brands Ytong, Silka, and Multipor, the company fosters the sustainability of products throughout the entire life cycle, from raw materials and production processes to energy efficiency, which qualifies buildings built with Xella materials.

We especially single out Multipor, the first Xella brand without a carbon footprint. The pursuit of zero CO2 emissions illustrates our environmental awareness, which is deeply woven into all aspects of the company.

The range of Xella products is completed by Ytong and Silka blocks. Thanks to exceptional characteristics such as superior thermal and sound insulation, fire resistance (A1 non-flammability class), stability, and durability, our blocks represent a unique solution for construction.

All the listed brands are part of the unique Xella construction system, designed to provide the most optimal solution for the construction of all types of buildings in terms of energy savings, sound insulation, and air quality in the premises.

Are sustainable building systems more expensive than traditional ones, and how much are they currently in demand on our market?

The construction of different types of buildings requires thorough planning. Every detail can make a significant difference in quality, costs, and construction timelines. In the long term, such facilities are incomparably more profitable. Therefore, investing in sustainable building systems should be seen as an investment, not an expense. When it comes to facade walls, it should be noted that this is one of the few positions that cannot be replaced later but only further improved. An inadequate choice of materials for the construction of facade walls can bring much higher costs. To achieve modern standards and long-term profitable buildings, modern materials and advanced construction techniques are required. Precisely for this reason, investors, designers, and contractors increasingly demand the application of proven and complete solutions for the construction of facade walls. The application of the Xella system contributes to modern, future-oriented construction.

Modern Xella products and systems have found application in several very important projects in Serbia. Can you name some of them?

Xella has offered numerous innovative solutions to the local market that has certainly raised the standards in the construction industry. The advantages of Xella products have been recognized by some of the largest investment companies in the country. Projects like Emerald Garden Residence, BW Metropolitan, BW Plot 21, Park 11, Cvijićeva Palace, Fruške Terme, Ada Mall, SC Promenada, SC Galerija, and many others attest to this.

In addition to your products that have a direct impact on sustainable and energy-efficient construction, your company has set itself very high ESG goals to reduce its environmental footprint in production and make your employees healthier and safer. What does your ESG strategy include for the coming years?

As a manufacturer of ecological building and insulation materials, Xella puts climate and environment protection first. The company follows a clear strategy to reduce CO2 in the production process and continuously promotes awareness of a sustainable future.

Reducing CO2 emissions is a challenge, both for us at Xella and for the entire construction industry. With our production processes, which are acceptable for the environment, we strive to reduce the harmful effects of production to a minimum, following the highest ecological and social standards.

One of the most important goals of Xella in Serbia is to be socially responsible in all aspects of its business. That's why, despite the extraordinary commercial success, sustainable construction, high product quality, and care for employees still remain Xella's business priorities.

In 2020, the renowned sustainability rating agency Sustainalytics rated Xella Group as the best in the industry in terms of realizing ESG goals.

By: Jovana Nikolić

Photo: Xella Serbia

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