26. Jun 2023
Photo: Bureau Cube Partners

The new residential and business complex Buena Vista Residences, located 900 m from the Košutnjak forest park and just a twenty-minute drive from the city center, was designed to provide its future tenants with the maximum quality of life in every aspect.

Buena Vista Residences / Photo: Bureau Cube Partners

Planned and designed on more than 30,000 square meters, with a four-level underground garage, commercial facilities on the basement and ground floors, and 179 residential units on seven floors, Buena Vista Residences strives to meet all standards of contemporary architecture and energy efficiency. With an above-average percentage of greenery, the residential and business complex Buena Vista Residences is a project that consistently implements the idea contained in the slogan: A good view of life.

Buena Vista Residences / Photo: Bureau Cube Partners

The structure of the complex is designed with commercial and business facilities in the basement and ground floors, as well as three interconnected residential building clusters, which achieved an optimal ratio of the number of apartments and additional facilities. The interior of the complex is designed with the most modern security systems, controlled access, and reception.

Reception, Buena Vista Residences / Photo: Bureau Cube Partners

From the slopes of Vidikovac, there is a good view of Belgrade's forests and parks, and a good view for us means a good life.


As one of the urbanistically better planned neighborhoods in Belgrade, Vidikovac offers a large number of amenities needed for a comfortable life. In the immediate vicinity of the complex, there are as many as three elementary schools, three state preschool institutions, the Cerak Military Medical Center, a large number of supermarkets and drugstores, as well as restaurants, while one of the best-stocked green markets in Belgrade, the Vidikovac market, is only 800 meters away from the Buena Vista complex. A few minutes' drive from the complex are the Košutnjak sports center, the Košutnjak swimming pools, the trim track, TC BIG Rakovica, and the Sveti Luka church.

Cafe, Buena Vista Residences / Photo: Bureau Cube Partners

According to the Urban Planning Project, the Buena Vista Residences complex opens onto two planned roads (Nova 4 Street in the northeast and Nova 2 Street in the southeast), while on the north side there is an existing commercial building, i.e., Kneza Višeslava Street, from which the complex is far enough away that the noise of the busy street is neutralized.


With a mission to keep the promise of a good view on life carefully planned in every aspect, the Buena Vista complex is planned with high-quality works, both exterior and interior (the ones you see and the ones you don't see).

Interior, Buena Vista Residences / Photo: Bureau Cube Partners

Starting with the modern architectural solution of the ventilated facade of high-quality composite panels with an aluminum substructure all the way to external and internal carpentry made of aluminum, i.e., high-class wood, the quality of the finishing is constant.

Continuing on our mission, we have provided for all customers the possibility of adjusting the tonality of the interior according to personal taste, with two options offered.

The author of the project is the architectural studio Bureau Cube Partners, while the exclusive sale is entrusted to the company Scordia International Properties.




With many years of experience in the real estate industry, primarily in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a group of investors gathered under the Legend Invest brand decided to offer Belgrade a unique project, Buena Vista Residences, as the first in a series of planned projects. With the experience of building exclusive facilities in Jahorina (apartment complex Snježna dolina Resort, on over 40,000 m2) as well as commercial real estate in Banja Luka (shopping centers Park and City Mall, on over 150,000 m2), Legend Invest has a clear business vision that includes the slogan that quality must not be a subject of compromise, and it appears on the Serbian market with the mission of setting new construction standards and, following the example of its founders, becoming a leader and a recognizable name on the market.



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