17. Jul 2023
Photo: Delta Real Estate

Delta Real Estate implemented another innovative technological solution within the Sava Center reconstruction project that has not been implemented in Serbia or in this part of Europe until now. We are talking about the Memory Steel technology, which has been used in only a few countries so far: Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, and now here in Serbia.

Photo: Delta Real Estate

In cooperation with Fiber Plus, the designer and specialized contractor of the strengthening project, and the Sika company, the leader in the production of special materials in the construction industry, the aforementioned technology was officially used for the first time on Thursday, July 13, at the rehabilitation of the beam at the Sava Center construction site.

"During the construction of the Sava Center, almost 50 years ago, the latest innovative technological methods were applied. The criteria set for the building are in accordance with our business policy, and a particularly innovative approach in the repair of beams is for us to respect the cultural monument that we are working on restoring. In addition to the usual, the key factor was certainly the preservation of the interior of the Sava Center. Memory Steel technology, as the newest and most efficient on the market, was the only logical solution for all our requirements," said Dušan Filipović, manager of design and construction at Delta Real Estate.

The implementation of the Memory Steel technology / Photo: Delta Real Estate

The Sika Memory®-Steel System is a technology for active strengthening of structures based on so-called alloys with shape memory. Such an alloy remembers its original shape and changes the atomic structure of the crystal lattice when it is prestressed in the longitudinal direction. During activation (the heating process at the construction site), deformation occurs back to the original and more stable structure of the crystal lattice. If this deformation is prevented by adequate anchoring for the concrete structure, prestressing of the structure occurs without loss of force due to friction in the memory steel.

The product SikaReinforcer-16 Rebar will be used at the Sava Center facility for strengthening prestressed beams. It is a ribbed reinforcing bar with a diameter of 16 mm, which is made of memory steel and is anchored to the structure with the repair mortar Sika MonoTop-412 RS, with the previous application of the binder and AKZ coating Sika MonoTop-1010. Other types of repair mortars, such as SikaGrout-314 RS (self-leveling mortar), can be used for anchoring.

The representatives of the media, Delta Real Estate, Sika and Fiber Plus / Photo: Delta Real Estate

Delta Real Estate is a group that has been operating for more than 20 years, and with the construction of more than 600,000 m2 and a total investment of 800 million euros, it is in the position of a regional leader in the real estate industry. Due to continuous innovations, it takes the place of a pioneer in many business segments. The Sava Center project, currently the most important project of the company, requires a high degree of innovation, precisely for the reason of preserving the perfect balance between the quality of construction and the history of the cultural monument.

Source: Delta Real Estate

Photo: Delta Real Estate


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