10. May 2023
Photo: AFI Europe Serbia

Hollywood is the center of the movie industry; every stock trader or banker's goal is to be on Wall Street; and there is hardly a serious lobbying firm that isn't located on Washington's K Street. This tells us that some locations are world-famous precisely because they gather the business elite from different industries and fields. However, is location really all that matters, and what are the most powerful looking for?

Silicon Valley was the scene of the IT industry and innovation that completely changed the world, and among other things, it became the forerunner of today's ubiquitous trend of business relocation from the city center and conditions created to measure the best business. Most of the world's most famous technological giants originated in Silicon Valley and, like today's ubiquitous Google, built their business world there. It is interesting that Google made an effort to fully adapt the campus to its employees, obviously realizing that this type of investment, although outside the center of San Francisco, can only contribute to the company's growth. We all insist on the famous real estate slogan "location, location, location". However, does it have to be the city center itself or the center of an already existing business district? World business trends speak in favor of moving companies to locations that have everything: good infrastructure, excellent connections to important points such as the airport, highway, railway, and, ultimately, the city center. And what is the situation in Belgrade?

Photo: AFI Europe Serbia

Our capital is an attractive location for numerous companies and investors, which is why it is necessary to develop dynamically and offer the most modern solutions for various types of businesses. One of the most reputable investors on the Belgrade and regional real estate markets, the company AFI Europe Serbia, through the new project AFI City Zmaj, once again confirms that it respects the highest standards in the construction of business parks, which can respond to all the needs of companies from various fields.

Photo: AFI Europe Serbia

Just like fifteen years ago, Airport City was started in a neglected place in New Belgrade, and its development contributed to its becoming a synonym for business Belgrade, so this location will surely show its full potential in the coming years and perhaps become the embryo of our Silicon Valley. It is very well positioned in a part of Belgrade that is ideally connected to the highway, just 10 km from the airport and only 9 km from the city center.

Photo: AFI Europe Serbia

Putting customer satisfaction first, AFI City Zmaj offers numerous contents that you read about in lifestyle business magazines until recently. An open-air gym, chargers for electric cars and bicycles, recycling containers, a creative corner, a chess board, and more than 400 parking spaces surrounded by rows of trees and greenery are a concept where every employee can find something that brings peace, inspiration, and satisfaction to the place in which he works.

A successful business starts with good decisions, and one of them can be the location. Belgrade got AFI City Zmaj, which, on the wings of success, brings another global trend that will change the established rules in the Belgrade real estate market.

Source: AFI Europe Serbia



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