10. Nov 2022
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Aleksandar Antić, acting director of JP "Corridors of Serbia", said that the highway from Ruma to Šabac, including the bridge over the Sava River, will be put into traffic in September next year.

Antić reminded that at the end of July this year, a new bridge was connected on the Sava near Šabac, as part of the construction of the Ruma - Šabac highway and the Šabac - Loznica expressway, reports gradjevinarstvo.rs.

"That bridge has so far been realized with some 96 percent. "At the moment, our priority is to finish the route of the highway from Ruma to Šabac so that we can have that part together with the bridge and put it into traffic, and the deadline for that is September 2023," said Antic in a guest appearance on Pink TV.

He emphasized that intensive work is being done on that section of the highway and that asphalting has already begun.

"When it comes to the high-speed road from Šabac to Loznica, at the moment we are primarily working on the territory of Loznica, on some 18 kilometers, and we are expecting the start of work on the territory of Šabac soon," said Antić.

As for the Fruška Gora Corridor, Antić said that there are two key facilities - the Iriški venac tunnel, through Fruška Gora, which will be about 3,550 meters long, and the bridge over the Danube that will connect the Kać side with Petrovaradin.

At the entrance and exit portals of the tunnel, all slopes were secured, the entrance portals were prepared, and the drilling of the right tunnel pipe began.

"Those first steps must be taken at a slow pace and those steps, in the first days, are 0.6 meters a day." Until we go deeper into Fruška Gora, everything must be kept very stable, we are now in that critical phase, so 25 meters of tunnel have been drilled so far," said Antić.

When it comes to the bridge, he stated that the auxiliary bridge was built first, from which the main bridge is built, and added that 140 of the 387 piles of the future bridge have been completed so far.

Speaking about the Moravian Corridor, he stated that it is a very important project that connects corridors 10 and 11. Currently, works are being carried out on about 90 km of road, and the most intensive work is being done on the section from Pojat to Kruševac, so we should have a car in the next two months - road to Kruševac.

When it comes to the Niš-Merdare highway, he stated that the first subdivision to Merošina is currently under construction, which is short (5.5 kilometers), but important for the people in that area and will be completed in April or May next year.

He pointed out that ten highways and expressways are currently being built in Serbia.

"It's a new 502 kilometers of traffic infrastructure that Serbia is currently building, and it's really a fantastic success, especially considering all the circumstances and the time we're living in, the general crisis," said Antić.

He pointed out that not a single infrastructure project has stopped, that all of them are in full swing and that all of them are being worked on extremely well and with high quality.


Source: gradjevinarstvo.rs

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