15. Nov 2022
Photo: Pixabay

The mayor of Belgrade, Aleksandar Šapić, said in a guest appearance on TV K1 that the goal of the city administration is to prevent some things that can happen, such as the case with the Branko’s Bridge, whose rehabilitation has begun.

He emphasized that since 1954, no work has been done on expansion joints of the Branko bridge, reports Beoinfo.

"It might have been able to wait a few more months, but then there is a risk that the existing corroded street light poles will collapse due to strong winds during the winter." As we would certainly have to close the traffic while we replace the street light poles, we decided to finish everything that has not been done for forty years. "August is certainly more suitable for such things, but this is a situation you cannot influence, you have to make a decision and listen to the profession," pointed out Šapić.

He also mentioned that more than 30 streets in the city are currently being reconstructed, which were not in the plan when he became mayor.

"By rebalancing the budget, we secured about one billion dinars for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of these streets. Maybe that could have waited until the summer, but in my opinion, some things should be done when the opportunity arises," said Šapić.

The mayor of Belgrade announced that in mid-December, when the construction season is over, he will come out to the citizens with information on how many streets have been built and how they looked before and after the reconstruction. He also reminded that the "Face of the City" body was established, which synchronizes the work of all republican and city enterprises.



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