29. Dec 2021

You are a fan of Sex and the City and you and want to feel what it's like to live like Carrie Bradshaw? Why not, everything is possible. All you have to do is book Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood for only 23 dollars and try on dresses and shoes from her closet for at least one night, and if you really want, they’ll even organize a personalized styling and photoshoot experience.

The idea to make a replica of Carrie Bradshaw's apartment was realized by Warner Bros. and Airbnb, in honor of the sequel And Just Like That. There are pistachio-painted walls in the apartment, Carrie’s black laptop and shelves adorned with everything, from martini glasses—perfect for making cosmopolitans—and issues of Vogue. There’s also the closet, full of iconic fashion items from the show, and of course, Manolo Blahniks. The experience is completed by Sarah Jessica Parker, who appears as a virtual host.



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